1. IPSY Glam Bag: March 2014

    Hearing many good things about IPSY, I decided to give it a try and this week I received my first makeup bag of samples.

    What is IPSY?

    Ipsy is a makeup/beauty monthly subscription founded by the Makeup Guru Youtuber Michelle Phan. Each month you get a couple of samples, travel-size and (sometimes full-size) makeup products to try. Each month has a theme, and that follows with a couple of makeup items that correlate to the theme. When signing up for Ipsy there is a style quiz that determines the type of makeup you’re already interested in or a fan of, and also the makeup you’re into trying out. Usually they send 4-6 makeup products in each bag. It is $10 per month and you can cancel anytime (but when registering there will be a wait-list…be patient, it is worth it!).

    *If you want to join Ipsy, click on my referral link here




    For this month I received:

    NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow (Shade: Moonlight Skinny Dip)

    Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer

    Chella Eyeliner (Color: Indigo Blue)

    Bare Minerals Lipstick (Color: Get Ready)

    First Impression:

    I was rather impressed with the amount given to me. Usually when it comes to the word “samples”, I think of tiny size amount. But Ipsy really gives you a good volume of product to try. My NYX palette and chella eyeliner are full-sized products, and the Pixi primer and Bare Mineral lipstick are samples; even though to me there a very big samples.

    Before I blogged about what I received, I wanted to wear them and test it out and see if I truly like the products that were sent to me. 





    My favorite product was definitely the NYX Love in Rio palette. The colors are beautiful light glitter toffee gold, off-white, and a dark brown. I never go for crazy colorful eyeshadows; I’m a neutral type of woman all the way. So this palette was perfect for me.

    I also loved the Marvelous Moxie bareMinerals lipstick. It is a nice warm rosy-pink tone and I usually don’t go for pink lipsticks; they tend to look very odd for my skin tone. (I mostly stick with the purple/red shades)  Nonetheless this shade of pink is perfect match for my olive skin. It also feels amazing on the lips; very soft and hydrating. New fan of bareMinerals.

    Dislikes (kinda):

    One product I am on the fence about is the Chella’s Indigo Blue eyeliner, only because the applying process isn’t as good as other eyeliners I have tried. I realized that it was a bit harder to get a good amount of color on the first try; I would have to layer it on, and sometimes while layering it on, the color would just wipe off (almost like it was marker applied to the skin). BUTTTTT I loveee the color; it is the perfect match for brown eyes and makes my eye color pop more. I would definitely now try more dark blue eyeliners but not from this brand. *insert sad face*

    For the Pixi Primer, I honestly didn’t see much of a difference compared to the Sephora Primer that I used. But one difference is that Pixi has shimmer to it, which I was a bit skeptical because I did not want my face to be covered in specs of glitter. After applying it on my face, it i looked oily (it might just have been the effect of the shimmer), but it did have a matte feel finish.

    Glad I decided to try ipsy and can’t wait for the next month!

  2. School has officially killed my soul….Sorry the long hiatus on a post, but school and work just consumed every bit of my time. Especially since working on CFDA (will make a post of that), and I am glad it is over. BUT school has only begun and now its midterms and I just…cant….

    It is late March and the weather is on its menstrual cycle I believe. For the past 2 weeks the climate has been unpredictable. Just this weekend it was beautiful out and now the wind itself just kills.

    For this unpredictable weather, a sweater is a perfect match for the season. Today I wore the Peter Pilotto for Target sweater; very nice pop of print the has the Spring essence, but perfect enough to wear for the chilly and windy weather.

    *Pilotto x Target collection was not that great, the sweater was the only thing that I liked. Everything else was just too much; many of the prints just clashed with each other and it was not suitable for the fabric quality as well. It looked nice on the photos that were advertised but not so much in person.


  3. Back2School






    Welllll it has been a long 6 weeks of winter vacation (5 1/2 weeks of mostly hibernating and 3 days of actually getting some work done) and I am glad to be back in school and become productive once again (bring on the stress….). I like staying busy rather than sleep all day, FIT made me accustomed to that lifestyle.

    I started school last Monday and so far I like my classes and the teachers are good. I am entering into my 6th semester and going into the concentration of Sportswear. This semester focuses on active-wear, outerwear, and swimwear. They say this is the toughest semester since the CFDA scholarship contest is involved; which every 6th semester student has to do it regardless; but I am excited because we can do whatever we want. (I will update more on my CFDA project later on).

    *Winter in NYC is probably the worst, just a lot of cold wind and snow slush*

    Bag: Phillip Lim x Target Collection

  4. Happy New Year!!! …..2014 please be kind to me.

    New Year Resolution:

    Be more confident, take risks, create and be open to opportunities, no longer live in fear of my dream.

    Whatever Sheer Sweatshirt/Fitted Skirt- Forever 21

    High Top Sneakers- Buffalo Exchange (Brand: Wild Diva)


  5. Black Sea

    For my final term garment for my 5th semester I decided to work in all black fabric (which for me, is the first time to do work in a solid, dark color). Probably due to the reason my style has changed since coming to FIT. I used to be more about prints and lighter, brighter colors. But now since my style has slowly changes to more edgy, chic, much more of darker palette (still love prints though!) so has my aesthetic.

    The garments I have designed are bodysuit, corset, asymmetrical skirt (matching with the corset), and a high-low long sleeve dress. The materials are Cotton/Lycra, Mesh, Neoprene, and Leather.