1. Anonymous said: Hi. I saw your post on HS. I, also, have it. It tends to appear in places that make it so I have issues walking. I had it for the first time when I was 13. I currently have an outbreak right now and your post made me feel less alone.

    Thank you for reading the post :)

    Yea it gets harder as we get older, but I think going through this at such a young age gave us so much strength and wisdom :)

  2. Paint the Town Red

    This is my go-to-look for a night out in the city. I have switched from black eyeliner to blue. (Thank you Ipsy for opening my eyes to this!) Navy blue really enhances the color and shape my eyes. AND I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT RED! (bless jesus!) Ladies, finding the right shade of red for your face and skin complexion is difficult, and when you do find the ‘right one’…don’t let it go!

    Life Update:  I have been neglecting this blog for so long…either being busy finishing the semester of school, taking a mini-break from the world and getting some alone time, and now being a summer intern for Gap in their fabrics and trims department. (and also the fact I have been extremely lazy to post). I have been a busy bee; working Mon-Friday 9-6 is exhausting!! I don’t know how people do it! But I am enjoying my internship and the people are the sweetest. It’s such an amazing opportunity to work for Gap, and learn about all the different departments and how they produce things. The benefits are pretty good too!

    As for my makeup I am wearing:

    Chella Blue Eyeliner: Indigo Blue

    Sephora Nano Lip Liner: Real Red

    NYX Matte Lipstick: Perfect Red

    topped with Sephora Cream Lip Stain: Always Red (this is amazing! Goes on as a gloss, and dries as a matte. I also have it in the color ‘Endless Purple’ seen on a past post)

  3. Romeo Santos performed at the Yankee Stadium, a history to remember. The only other 3 artists to perform at the stadium were Madonna, Paul McCartney, Metallica, and now Romeo Santos (Dominican-Puertorican Latin singer)…and SOLD OUT TWO SHOWS!

    Quoted by Romeo himself "If Madonna, if Paul McCartney, if Metallica can sell out Yankee Stadium…Latinos can sell out this shit too!" *Proud moment for all the Latinos*

    Romeo Santos was once in a group called Aventura; who are named the Kings of Bachata. They brought and popularized bachata music, and made it what it is today. Since now going solo for the past couple years he has been named the King of Bachata music. This was a dream come true for me seeing him live. His songs has been played through out my whole life.

    Romeo Santos is like the Beyonce of Bachata Music, this man sells out concerts/domes in minutes. I am lucky enough to live right next to the stadium, so you can hear everything!!! And let me tell you there were cars parked every where!!! This weekend is the best this year!!

    I went to the one on Friday; which he brought out the legendary artists; Antony Santos, Luis Vargas, Vieja Fefa, and Tego Calderon.

    For Saturday he brought out Prince Royce, Marc Anthony, and for the first time in 4 years since performing together, he brought out Aventura!!!! (ughhhh I wish I just my bought ticket for Saturday!!! *insert the saddest emoji on earth!*)


  4. Ipsy Glam Bag: May 2014

    For this month I received all skin and hair products.

    Hey Honey Peel-off Mask

    Avene Thermal Spring Water

    Eva NYC Hair Mask

    Hang Ten Sunscreen (SPF 50)

    Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow

    Reading many of the posts off ipsy, many are not happy with this month, since they were looking for more of a makeup bag rather than just skin products. I too, am a bit disappointed for this month.


    One thing I really like is the Avene thermal spring water. I will definitely purchase the full-size product. It just a nice mist spray and I use it every morning, night, and right after my workout. It does help reduce redness and gives such a hydrating feel. Favorite product in this bag.

    Another thing I like is the Eva NYC hair mask. My skin has gotten dry over the years (I blame the excessive amount of flat ironing, woops!). I am glad this was in my bag, it smells amazing! I did notice a difference when using this product, left my hair nice and smooth, and my hair didn’t frizz as much when it dried.


    Not liking the Hey Honey peel-off mask. I have never been a fan of peel-off masks; because mainly they JUST DO NOT peel off completely. I tend to pull at my skin a lot mistaking it for the mask (ouch! do not like!). I’ll just stick to my organic honey and aspirin homemade mask, thanks!


  5. Tim Gunn: Fashion Bible Discussion Forum


    In early April, the Fashion Institute of Technology hosted a discussion event for Tim Gunn’s new book Fashion Bible following with a Q&A after. Famously known for one of the host of Project Runway; creating the oh-so-famous phrase "Make it work.”, his new show Under the Gunn, beauty expert for Walgreens,  and a previous teacher/mentor at the Parsons New School of Design.



    "I love learning and education, but I hate school. Not until I got into art and design is where I began to love it. I realized that the answer to a problem isn’t in a book, it is you. Everyone has a different path to follow"

    When being offered a job as a teacher at Parsons he was terrified to even accept, "this will either kill you or cure you", since then he has had 29 years of teaching under his belt. Working in Parsons he realized the main problem from the school was the curriculum. He saw how the students were not showing their full potential, there was no individuality being shown. Hated to see how the students were serving the program rather than seeing the student’s vision to design. Wanted students to focus on creating a collection and give them the whole academic year to do that. He stated that is good for students to "try new things; the anxiety, stress, being terrified keeps you attentive." All the students were limited to expand their creativity around the curriculum. He wanted to change that, he wanted to see the student’s vision in design.

    When discussing on students learning fashion design he said "Fashion is historical, financial, economical, political; fashion history is important, history of your discipline is important"


    His book discusses the fashion pieces throughout the decades and the relevancy of fashion today in the 21st century. In his conclusion chapter he mentioned the irritation towards the non-existent plus-size fashion industry. He stated how designers don’t design for “real women”. In America there is a high demand for plus-sizes, but they are no designers in the industry making them and many refuse to. Often when I see a collection come out, I wonder, who is the woman these clothes are made? I sure don’t know her”. Even mentioned a conversation with a designer discussing on designing for plus-size, the designer responded by showing no interest in dressing anyone larger than a size 12, cue Gunn’s remark "Maybe you should be!" *you go Tim Gunn, four for you Tim Gunn*

    Here is the Q&A from the forum event:

    1. Lessons you learned?

    "The world owes you nothing. Make your own place, do everything 150%, be patient, have self-discipline, truthful, and have a critical analysis of your work."

    2. How do you keep up with fashion trends?

    "Don’t believe in chasing trends, it’s only good if it works for you. Don’t follow all these trends, do what is best for your style and body type."

    3. What is it like to influence style?

    "I am a truth-teller, I respect people, and give confidence. There isn’t a formula for fashion. It is hard because people need a cheerleader, our clothes sends a message how we are perceived. Accept responsibility for what you’re wearing. Everything happens for a reason, when it should.

    4. What do you think about the Kim/Kanye Vogue cover? (this set a laughter among the audience)

    "well….uhh….it’s Vogue…" *insert the shadiest of shade faces*

    His answer and expression made us all laugh, and it sparked curiousity of the past feud with Miss Wintour, and spoke in detail on what exactly happened which was just amusing. In summary of the feud; After Gunn witnessing Ana being carried buy guards (literally carried) down the stairs from a fashion show, since Ana does not ride in the same elevator with 'normal people'. Gunn claps back with "Doesn’t know how to work a  Manolo", the comment did not sit well with Ana, starting the whole mini fashion-dispute. Here is Tim Gunn discussing it here on Live with Regis and Kelly

    5. How to cultural influence on fashion?

    "Enrich other cultures and your own to fashion. Be who you are and let it shine. Know who you are in your core. It is about you, your self-performance and vision. It’s about your work, make it spiritual, and make the results superb."

    6. What kind of changes you want in the industry?

    "Designers should communicate more with the consumer

    Tim Gunn is inspirational and a humble, sweet person. He is very genuine with every word and answer being given. He truly wants to help each aspiring student to go forward their dreams and to continue to expand our own creativity.

    Leaving on a good note, he gave us one last piece of advice "Don’t look over your shoulder, look straight ahead."